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How hydraulic jacks maintenance

Hydraulic jacks, is currently the most widely used kind of lifting equipment, compact structure, stable performance, if properly maintained, its life will be very long-lasting, how it is to maintain it? Experts have the following observations:
First, note the use of the method correctly. Jack in use, when to pay attention to the bottom must be smooth, flat, can not tilt, otherwise not only can not play the role of Jack, but Jack is also a performance for damage. Meanwhile, if the bottom area is too small, it can be appropriate to use clean wood to expand its area to withstand gravity, so to ensure the safe use of the equipment jacks. Tianjin jack manufacturers to remind, in the choice of wood when the need to be careful not to let it surface contaminated with oil stains and other impurities, but also note that the board can not find enough time to replace the iron, because iron slippery, in operation easily slide against lifting.
Second, when using the jack, be careful not to overload situation occurs, the lifting of time to ensure a smooth state up, up in the lifting process should continue to observe, note that there is no abnormality, if everything is normal there is no appear to waver, etc., you can continue to operate during this process need to be reminded not to handle arbitrarily extended or excessive operating force. Finally, when the project jack, there must be someone in the next command, so as to ensure safety, especially when there are several units work together jack of time, we must pay attention to the adjacent jacks have appropriate spacing. It is best to use a suitable wood to support, or prone to sliding condition.


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